Monday, September 29, 2014

There is a fine line between realism and negativity...

I tend to be a realist. I see situations for what they are. I don't believe that I'm a pessimist, but I have a hard time always seeing the 'bright' side. I've always had a difficult time recognizing my worth. I tend to shrug off compliments or disregard them completely. Even worse, I sabotage myself with my thoughts and actions. Because I lean toward the darker side of the realism that I see.

Since publishing my first book, I find that I'm quick to point out all of the things that aren't working. Each day, my list of 'N'T's' gets longer.

I DON'T have a large following
I DON'T sell a lot of books
I DON'T have many reviews
I DON'T ...

Trust me, it's a pretty long list. One that I'd rather not have. And today I realized that I DON'T have to have it. I'm the one who made the list; I'm the one who can throw it away. Or burn it. Or shred it. Or send it to the skies, taped to a balloon.

I refuse to let the dark side of realism have a hold on me any longer. From this day forward, I'm going to see the bright side.

Oh, I'm still a realist. Things are what they are. But for every negative, there's a positive. Isn't that one of Newton's Laws of Success? (I'm not quoting verbatim here). My point is, there is a positive statement that refutes every negative statement that I list.

I DO have readers who enjoy my books
I DO have sales each month
I DO have positive reviews of my books
I DO have people who support me and my writing

I AM an author!


  1. You are so on target! Love this, love your books, love you!