Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I'm taking the plunge...

I've decided to host an author event next fall. I've toyed with the idea on and off over the past year but I blame the hubs for talking me into it. (Little did he know what he's getting himself into.)

I hear a lot of talk amongst authors and readers alike that there aren't enough events being held in smaller towns. It seems that most events are held in bigger cities or at the beach, most likely to draw in a huge crowd because, let's face it, there's a larger population in urban areas. But readers in the smaller towns want to attend events, too. And they want something within driving distance. We all know that traveling expenses can add up, and if a reader (or author) can make it a day trip, it benefits everyone.

So I chose to have the event in Cave City, KY. Although it's a small town; I'd be surprised if many people outside of the locals have heard of it; it's centrally located between Louisville, KY and Nashville, TN. (Please don't MapQuest it...I'm making an estimate.) The convention center is just off of Interstate 65 and right up the road from a bunch of hotels and restaurants. There are plenty of family activities in the area - Dinosaur World, Jesse James Riding Staples, Kentucky Action Park (can you say "zipline"?), and more caves than you can count. Mammoth Cave National Park is only a few miles away, and if small town life starts getting on your nerves, Bowling Green, KY, home of the Corvette, is 25 minutes away.

But enough about the extracurricular activities...I'm planning to put on a kick-ass event!! I already have pages of notes that I add to daily as more and more ideas pop into my head. I almost wish that the event was this September (almost) because I can't wait for everyone to come. Am I building up my expectations? Damn straight, I am!! I think I might have a little bit of party planner flowing through my veins.

Anyway, if you're an author and you'd like to sign up to attend, you can fill out this form. If you're a reader who would like to meet the awesome authors who will be signing their books, keep an eye out here. I'll be posting ticket information in the near future. And everyone needs to mark their calendars for Saturday, September 24, 2016 for the Pages in the Caves Author Event.

Would a clown be too much?? Hmmm...where's my notebook?

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