Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I've decided to start a new venture...

Don't worry. Writing is still at the top of my list. But while I'm in recovery mode, I need to do something non-strenuous to supplement my income. One of the by-products of writing for many authors is making promos and teasers. The problem is finding the time in between writing, editing, working a job - full or part-time -, taking care of the family, and, oh yeah, breathing. So, in order to fill what-I-hope-is-a need, I've decided to offer my services in the promo design business.

I enjoy creating promos and teasers. It's fun to add different elements together and see what comes up. It's like writing with pictures. Each time I make one for myself, I get a bit more daring, playing around with fonts and colors and shades and graphics. (I'm addicted to fonts!!)

So, if anyone out there in blogger land is in need of a promo, Facebook banner, whatever, drop me a line. I've set up a dedicated email address for just that purpose. And you don't have to be an author, either. I welcome the opportunity to design whatever you need. Oh, right, the email address - it's kristineraymond.promos@gmail.com. Or you can check out my website for pricing and such. And who knows? Maybe I'll end up liking designing more than I like writing.


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